David White is a
Norwich-based photographer and scientist

Exhibition – “Life, Light & Insight”:

David is holding an Exhibition of photographs in the Hobart Gallery of Blickling Hall with Tanya Bogracheva and Cliff Hedley. 4-8 June 2014. 10:15 – 17:30

The Living Medieval Parish Churches of Norwich:

A large part of this site consists of images of Norwich’s medieval churches: their artefacts, their architecture, but above all the life of the people and communities of those still used for Christian worship. This includes photographs taken during services showing the variety and breadth of the Church of England. This site also gives access to exhibitions and a book.

Some, but not all, of these photographs may be purchased. If so, a small button will accompany the image.

Norfolk Natural History:

In terms of numbers of images, a smaller part of the site consists of photographs of the wildlife and landscape of Norfolk. All of these images are for sale.