The Hobart Gallery, Blickling Hall

Wednesday 4 June to Sunday 8 June

10:15 – 17:30

Tanya Bogracheva, Cliff Hedley and David White, Norfolk-based photographers, are holding an exhibition of their work at Blickling Hall from 4th-8th June. These friends and former scientists are all interested in the natural world, but with their own individual approaches.

Photography for Tanya Bogracheva (LRPS) is a branch of art. Many of her images are breathtaking landscapes. Others are based on very small flower parts, with soft shades and subtle contrasts. She is interested in how moody impressionistic and expressionistic images evoke associations an emotional appeal.

Cliff Hedley thinks of himself as a biologist first, then a photographer. He photographs living things in their natural environment and often up close and personal, such as his extraordinary head-on shots of damselflies.

David White uses his photographs to tell a story, and he is interested in the convergence of image and narrative. This can be an interesting aspect of the biology of a flower or an animal, and this exhibition also features portraits of Norwich scientists taken in a relevant setting.

They would love you to visit them.

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David White:

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Arjan Narbad (David)


Corfu dawn (Tanya)
Cliff Damesel

Damselfly (Cliff)